Our pillars

Whether you select one of the club cards option or other offered by us rental form, Chillispaces.com is the flexible alternative for standard offices. The Flex office is the separated and dedicated for your team office space, including conference rooms, kitchens, reception, cleaning services, media as well as high-speed redundant Internet; however you pay solely for the used by you work places. The serviced office spaces mean no long-term liabilities – they enable and provide the flexible selection of the office area, according to your actual and current needs.

Flexible offices

Each office has been designed taking into account the service intended and rendered for a different type of Customers. The minimum amount for one office is two persons; however, we do not specify the maximum limit. Our Customers may adopt the space to their needs. We carefully select suppliers of our office devices as well as we maintain and store some inventory necessary to design each office space in a rapid manner.

Flexible design

A key element of a cost-effective serviced office is an appropriate approach at the design stage. Rise.pl in its offices implemented the modular concept of designing that enables fast and rapid modifications of the layout without any costly works related to the infrastructure.

Flexible network

Flexible LAN and WiFi structure of networks with the high-speed, redundant and business class Internet. Each office section may be separated and equipped with its own network as well as it may implement other safety policy.

Flexible rent terms

The offices serviced by Chillispaces.com do not require the long-term customers' liabilities. Typical rental period with the standard rental fee is five years. Chillispaces.com ensures and guarantees the short-term renting for companies and fast-growing organizations.

Flat rates

The rental fee includes all standard services offered in the serviced space without any additional costs, unless such services have been expressly ordered by a Customer.


We support our Customers in fulfillment of their business purposes ensuring and providing their Teams-Employees the unique, functional and safe work places, maintaining the highest available standards and cooperation transparency.


Chillispaces.com is a great adventure for us. We intend to build the unique, charmingly beautiful and fancy offices. We establish the work places with a friendly, noncorporate atmosphere with the leading-edge infrastructure. In a fast changing world, we intend not only to follow the changes but to learn from the best and set new trends for our sector.