Safety of Our Offices

Access Control and Monitoring

Only authorized person have an access to our offices: employees of our Customers, registered guests, authorized suppliers.

Your office is a space to which solely you have an access. Our offices provide the access control and all of them are monitored 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Safe IT Network

It seems that the most essential advantage of Internet is high speed. The network redundancy is not highlighted, but you must remember that it is crucial for any companies which activity is based on the on-line mode.

The redundancy ensures the operation of a network, even in case of any failure of the main network. The network is led to our offices through two separate lines. The network redundancy is much more essential and important factor than attractive.

At least once half a year and wherever necessary we carry out safety tests, for example in connection with any possible hacker attacks. We test the network vulnerability to be sure that the connection of any network devices are updated and resistant to any external attempted unauthorized entry.

Network Security

The network security is essential not only from the point of view of the responsible for the network in a given space IT Administrator, but it is also a key element of the business activity.

Verification of the network safety is based on inspection of each segment of an It network and any devices connected to this network, taking into account the vulnerability to gaps in protection systems, configurations or an obsolete software used by devices. Therefore, we inspect all routers, firewalls, switches, printers, disks or servers.

Each found device or service, which is active in the network, subjects to the attack simulation with usage of different applications or exploits. IT Division that is responsible for the infrastructure, on the basis of such a report, will endeavour to maximally reduce hazards and risks which can be used by some offenders in order to gain an undetected access to the customers data. The security offered and provided for Customers is equally important for us.

Server Rooms

In each object we have one or more server rooms. In this special premise we may offer our customers the following options:

  1. rental of some place in the cabinet
  2. place for the rack cabinet
  3. separated rack cabinet.

During the process of construction of our server rooms we take into account any applicable European standards. Therefore, our customers may use in the premise:

  1. redundant air cooling provided by two independent air condition units
  2. redundant power supply wired to rack cabinets
  3. grounding of rack cabinets or devices
  4. redundancy of uninterruptible power supplies (if a Customer rents and uses some place in our cabinets).

High-Speed Core Network

From our network you should and can expect the highest level of availability and reliability. The fault-tolerant network design ensures that failures do not have a significant impact on the network connectivity.

The core must be able to accommodate failures by rerouting the traffic and quickly responding to changes in the network topology. The core must provide the highest level of redundancy. Depending on the office, builds and ensures the broadband network up to 10G.

24/7 Helpdesk and IT Consulting

We offer and provide the following services: IT support, devices and software maintenance, servers administration as well as computer network management.

  1. Helpdesk
  2. Servers Administration
  3. Computer Network Management

Each of these options may be available 24/7, depending on a project or requirements of a Customer. Our Customer may benefit from our professional services on the basis of the additional services price list.