The package supports the Chillispaces.com customers enabling them to combine a remote work model with an office work model. We use the potential of our spaces, infrastructure technology as well as experience of experts in order to meet any needs arising out of the constantly evolving employment and projects completion models. The package ensures our customer a flexible approach to work organization, using advance IT solutions, with any advantages associated with an access to its own office.

#cloudoffice – means…

The #cloudoffice package includes any elements necessary for the efficient, secure and smooth functioning of hybrid teams. The package provides and ensures the full ecosystem supporting cooperation of your experts, irrespective of what work model they use…

Serviced office space

comprehensively equipped spaces where you can find special rooms that are at disposal of our customers: reception, conference rooms, cafeterias, kitchens as well as chill-out area

Server room

the place in the well-equipped, safe server rooms where you can place your devices and equipment

VPN network

the customized, dedicated network for all employees of your company

High-Speed Internet

Internet access speeds even up to 1000 Mpbs – Internet meets any and all needs of even the most demanding tenants

24/7 IT Helpdesk

24h support of experts responsible for the infrastructure, server room and VPN network in the office

Spare space

additional office spaces available immediately, as required, e.g. in case of any urgent tasks and projects that require teamwork in the office

Club Cards

special service for the Chillispaces.com customers enabling free of charge use of the office network within the territory of Poland

#cloudoffice – how it works?

#cloudoffice offer integrates the needs of a team working in different places – at home/in the office. A tenant, as a part of the service, has an access to the office spaces which volume it may adjust and change in order to meet its current needs. It may also use the Chillispaces.com server room as well as place its equipment in this room. An element binding a team divided into employees working remotely or in the office is VPN network. With the network all employees have an access to the resources and base of the company’s data. We also provide and offer, in a form of IT Helpdesk, 24h support of experts responsible for the whole infrastructure.

Serviced office

Servers in the safe server room

Serviced office space


Home office / Remote Employee

Additional Office (Spare Space)

#cloudoffice – for who?

#cloudoffice is the offer developed especially for tenants whose business activity requires an access to the modern space equipped with excellent technical facilities as well as speed, safe and redundant Internet that supports and enables collaboration of any hybrid teams.

In particular, #cloudoffice precisely matches requirements and needs of, inter alia, IT companies, software houses & web development companies, start-ups, design offices, financial and accounting companies, media houses, PR and advertisement agencies, editorial offices or consulting firms.

Why Chillispaces.com?

Whether you use #cloudoffice or other offered by us rental form, Chillispaces.com is the flexible alternative for standard offices. The Flex office is the separated and dedicated for your team office space, including conference rooms, kitchens, reception, cleaning services, media as well as high-speed redundant Internet; however you pay solely for the used by you work places. The serviced office spaces mean no long-term liabilities – they enable and provide the flexible selection of the office area, according to your actual and current needs.

Dedicated office equipped with work places (desks and chairs)

Access to conference rooms (online reservation, using e-office)

Access to telephone booths

Access to printers and network scanners

Access to the equipped kitchen and inventory (water, coffee, tea, milk)

Internal cafeteria

Mineral water source

Access to a chillout room

Access to redundant Internet

Regular cleaning of the office space

Media and maintenance

Alarm, CCTV, access control

Reception services