Coworking – Comfort and Independence

Coworking eliminates the necessity of renting of the office spaces on your own. This is a form of work in office spaces with an access to any social technical facilities; however, in a common space, i.e. so called “work desk”.

Coworking is the perfect solution for any freelancers, entrepreneurs conducting a single person business, designers or small companies that are just starting their adventure with business. The solution is to provide a desk in the prepared and ready for work flex office.

With the coworking service you can work comfortably, having an access to any necessary tools and facilities: printers, scanners, conference rooms, multimedia equipment as well as high-speed Internet. The coworking area in provides the users with the possibility of using the kitchen, dining room, cafeterias, chillout zones equipped with comfortable armchairs and sofas, as well as TV sets, games consoles and pool tables.

The costs of using the coworking offices are relatively low, due to the fact that a tenant does not need to pay for the office or cabinet space. The tenant does not need to invest in any office devices, furniture, Internet, coffee express – the price of using the flexible spaces includes all of the mentioned above facilities.

Place filled with inspiration

Networking with other persons sharing a joint office is highly appreciated by coworking users. New relations very often result in the effective business cooperation. Rental of the work space within the coworking area is an exceptional opportunity of cooperation in silence, appropriate, friendly atmosphere as well as it may build and offer the mutual motivation and inspiration for office users.

Coworking is a space where you may invite your customer in order to present your business offer, give a presentation and train or conclude any agreements.

The interiors are extremely stylish, modern and comfortable. The spaces are situated in good localizations, well connected with the public transport and always located in the city center (Łódź, Kraków, Rzeszów, as well as, in the near future, in Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk). Our spaces are situated in very modern A-class office buildings.

Rent price includes

Equipped workplaces (desks and chairs)

Access to meeting rooms (booking via e-office)

Access to phone booths

Access to network printers and scanners

Access to equipped kitchen (water, coffee, tea, milk)

Internal cafeteria

Fresh water source

Access to chillout areas

Access to redundant network


Media and maintenance

CCTV and access control

Reception services