Virtual Office – Real Added Value

You start your business activity which is conducted at home, but you do not want to present and reveal the address of your private apartment in the Internet? Maybe you travel a lot and need some support in carrying out any administrative activities – e.g. in collecting letters or parcels? In such an event the virtual office service may be the perfect solution for you., in its premises and objects located in many different Polish cities and towns, provides the virtual office service which brings significant benefits for many entrepreneurs. The service gives an access to the standard office together with the comfortable homeworking conditions. If you rent the virtual office service you are provided with the address for registration of your company as well as the service related to handling of any incoming correspondence. Therefore, you get the guarantee that your letters are always collected and re-directed directly to you and any appointed by you persons electronically. Additionally, the attractive address of your registered office builds and improves trust in your company in the eyes of your customers. The virtual office is the perfect idea in the initial stage of your business activity or in the event of frequent business trips. Low office rent costs, including the virtual secretariat service as well as the mail collection and re-direction service, allow for reduction of the business activity costs.

With available business tools of you can build and improve your company’s image.

Virtual office packages

You use the Virtual office only to the extent that you need it. These services are included in the packages as part of a fixed monthly fee without incurring unnecessary costs.

Address only Mail Box Mail Box Plus
Address for correspondence yes yes yes
Statutory seat no yes yes
Secretarial service no yes yes
Information about the post yes yes yes
e-office no yes yes
Shared fax no no yes
Conference room no no yes